What is a Headphone Amplifier?

When you are playing around with the new headphones that you bought, you may have noticed that the volume is not really as booming as you were expected. This is especially true when you pair them up with your laptop or smartphone. If you have a really nice desktop computer or a sound system, if you connect your headphones to those things, you may get a much better and louder experience. But with those portable devices, your headphones will sound really clear and bright, but they are not really very loud. So what are you going to do?

A lot of people end up thinking the problem is the headphones, but it is not the case. What you really need is a type of op-amp, which is the voltage amplifier. You can read more at Microchip, but the voltage amp is essentially something that is going to take the voltage that is coming out of the computer or smartphone, give it a boost, and then feed it into your headphones. So even though the source voltage stays the same, what you are getting is much louder and clearer in your headphones.

If you have ever seen some AV equipment for music production or DJ purposes, you may have noticed the rather big and complicated amps that they use sometimes. These are great, but they are not useful for you. What you want is one of those portable amplifiers that you can clip on to your jeans or slip in your pocket along with your phone. It is completely safe and you will actually get a very good boost when you are using it to listen to music or watch videos with your headphones on. Your listening experience will change completely, and these amps are so cheap they are definitely worth the money.